Cisco ACE Replacement for
Network Function Virtualization

Complete Your Cisco ACE Migration for Full Featured Application Services & Lower TCO

Customers still using a Cisco ACE load balancer will need to migrate to another load balancing solution. Avi Vantage is an alternative to replace Cisco ACE (Cisco Application Control Engine modules) leveraging Network Function Virtualization (NFV) technology.

Today’s data centers need to run cloud-native applications built on microservices architectures alongside traditional applications. Until now, the only option was to replace the Cisco load balancer with an appliance-based load balancing solution based on legacy architectures from another vendor. However hardware-centric load balancers are inflexible when it comes to automation, centralized management and cost-effective scaling.

Cisco ACE Replacement Load Balancing Solution

Avi Networks and Cisco provide a software-defined, analytics-driven, load balancing solution on high-performance NFV appliances (Cisco CSP). Avi Vantage delivers a solution that is highly-automated and provides TCO savings of over 50 percent (compared to a traditional load balancing solution).

Advantages of Avi Vantage’s High Performance Cisco ACE Replacement for Network Function Virtualization

A complete load balancing solution with full L4-L7 services on an elastic NFV platform (The Cisco CSP 2100 NFV appliance), without requiring additional expertise.

Distributed load balancers can be deployed across multi-cloud environments with a single point of control for all configuration changes and application performance monitoring.

Application insights and visibility are based on real-time telemetries collected from the distributed load balancers which can be centrally managed and monitored.

A single Cisco CSP appliance supports several million concurrent connections, which can scale to several terabits per second of throughput and millions of SSL TPS as a single load balancing fabric.

Avi Networks and Cisco CSP deliver a software load balancing solution that modernizes your data centers to run cloud-native apps built on microservices architectures alongside traditional apps.

Avi Networks offers a software-defined architecture to enable programmability, automation and elastic scale — all on-demand — for easy Cisco ACE migration from hardware-centric load balancers.

Cisco ACE Migration with Avi Vantage
for a Multi-Cloud Load Balancing Solution

With Cisco CSP and Avi Networks, enterprises and service providers can replace their Cisco ACE appliances with a elastic software load balancing solution on an Network Function Virtualization (NFV) platform that scales on demand.

Cisco ACE Migration with Avi Vantage